陳助John C. Chen


Bing Bing, it was great to hear from you. It's hard to believe that 30years have passed and this is the first time we get reconnected. How are you doing?      Right after the military services I went to graduate school in the US. Marriage, work and family followed. In such a flash 30 years have passed. I am glad that we are having the re-union coming up to catch up and to reflect. Wei Wei and I are looking forward to seeing all the old friends and catching up with each other.      Do you know any other Tunghai friends are coming to the re-union in San Francisco? I have contacted Liu Hong Wen, Cheng Hai Yuan, Lan Wei Kai, Ma Chin Lin, Liu Gen Ming, and Chen Jean, and confirmed that they all will be coming. Wu Yueh Hwa is probably not coming.      By the way, my home phone No. is 302-239-3757, and the work No. is 302-695-4533. I look forward to seeing you soon.


Best regards.                




ps, if you have any E-mail or phone No. info from the old Tunghai

friends, pls forward them to me. Thanks.


"John C Chen" <JOHN.C.CHEN@USA.dupont.com>

Mon, 3 May 2004 17:22


楊昭宏 C.H. Yang  

Works at LG.Philips Displays(Her Nan河南 Province, China)

Put efforts on compiling the roster of 1974 Tunghai Chemistry



劉鴻文Prof. Hung-wen Liu                  


Dear Keng-Ming, Chen Jeu, and Bing-Bing,      


Sorry for being tardy to respond to your e-mail.  I am very excited to receive messages from you.   It is hard to imagine that thirty years have passed since we graduated from Tunghai.  Yung-nan (Chia) and I have three children.  Our elder daughter is now in the Law School of the Univ of Chicago.  The second daughter is a freshman at UT Austin.  The third one is a boy who is a 10th grader.  We lived in Minnesota for 16 years and moved to Texas in the summer of 2000.  I will certainly attend the class reunion in San Francisco but I also need to attend a meeting in Philadelphia on August 22nd, which was set a year ago.   Thus, I will have to leave early on August 21st to catch a flight to the East coast.  It would be nice if some of us can arrive a day early to have a pre-reunion.  My home phone number is 512-527-9099.  Looking forward to re-establishing our connection.



Hung-wen Liu                  Wed, 14 Apr 2004 09:51:58

George H. Hitchings Regents Chair in Drug Design
Professor of Medicinal Chemistry, Chemistry and Biochemistry 

Division of Medicinal Chemistry
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Home phone : 512-527-9099.



劉耿銘K. David Liu (Keng-Ming), M.D.                


Dear Hung-wen:

I do not know if you receive this e-mail yet but several of our classmates are asking me to contact you. Chen Jeu, Cheng Hai Yen, Lan Wei Kai and many others are planning our Tunghai Class 74 30th year reunion. I was given this web page http://www.tunghai74.org/ and found it very helpful. My old computer's hard drive went out and I still can not revive my old e-mail that contains your phone #.

My home # is : 714-637-0669     
Hope to hear from you soon.


K. David Liu (Keng-Ming)







This is Eric Ma. I do not recognize your name (Bing Bing). I was

graduated from Tunghai Chemistry Department. I am just curious which Tunghai department were you graduated from? Thanks.




Hi, Bing Bing,


It is good to hear from you again after 28 years. I am glad you are doing well. Where do you live now?


So far, I have six classmates information (including you).


Eric(Ma, Ching-Lin) ihcmm@hotmail.com   

Fri, 09 Apr 2004 22:11:48 –0400






From: David Wu (Tunghai 1974 Physics)

To: Bing Bing

CC: Ma,Ching-Lin

Subject: Tunghai reunion

Date: Wed, 7 Apr 2004 17:49:06 -0700 (PDT)


Dear Bing Bing,


Glad to receive your mail, my new email address

Besides the yahoo is fortunewu@sh163.net, and my direct line

is 21-6487-0589.


After last year SARS impact, I have been confused that

the Reunion will be held in what form.


Please keep me informed of the development, I could

not tell who hosts the August 21 gathering.




Wu Hsin Yuan


I also send this copy to Ma Ching Lin



林稟彬Bing Bing Lin, Ph.D., EMBA            


Dear Ma, Chin-Lin, Our class/Chemistry Association Head:


My name used at Tunghai was Ping-Ping Lin. Now is called Bing Bing Lin. I am your classmate!


I have worked for the same company many years with Ph.D. in organic chemistry and then completed EMBA (finance & marketing)/National Taiwan University (NTU). I have worked on  new drug research for many years as a pharmacologist  by killing more than one million animals with my own hands for new drug discovery, then as a sales representative for the same company in Japan visiting more than 200 major/minor pharmaceutical companies for new drug R&D collaboration/business services. Company's HQs is in Seattle and later on was acquired by a Canadian public company (TSE:MDS; NYZE: MDZ). It now has more than 12,000 employees globally. I used to be a frequent flyer with mileages accumulated more than 300,000 miles in my account. Due to terrorist, all staffs are advised to reduce traveling.  Since 2000, I was transferred to one of her subsidiary company, venture capital, for investment unto new biotechnology startups in North America. We have successfully raised more than $60 Million  totally from Taiwan.


My wife is Tunghai biology major (1977 class) who received her Ph.D. in pathology from National Kobe U., Japan and has worked on stem cells, liver cancer research at NTU hospital. She was introduced to me via a matchmaking  at my 37 years old. We had our engagement banquet in Taipei exactly in the noon time of Tien-An-Meng Square event on June 4, 1989. We have one son ages 13, the first year in his junior high. I also serve as an adjunct assistant professor (with certificate of Ministry of Education) at the College of Management of Chang Gung University(established by Formosa Plastic Tycoon YC Wang) teaching Biotechnology Industry Analysis which combines my knowledge of Business & Science(i.e. B.S.= Bull Shit). I have published 13 peer-reviewed paper in natural product chemistry/org. synthesis and the recent one was published in January 2004. “A Facile Synthesis of 1-Ethoxy-4-cyano-5-ethoxycarbonyl-3H-azuleno[1,2-c]pyran-3-one, a Selective 15-Lipoxygenase Inhibitor” Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry Letters, 14(1): 63-65, 2004.


Our classmate Liu, Hung-Wen’s Ph.D. student, Dr. Yang, Ding-Ya(currently, Assoc. Prof at Tunghai Chem) ever invited me back to deliver a seminar on Biotech Industry Analysis. I always feel great to re-visit Tunghai. The welcome home party in honor of  the  Dean of Science at our time, Prof. Alexander O, Bao-Lo(Biology )  (his two sons were buried at Tunghai cemetery) was well attended by biology old-timers including my wife.


In my leisure time, I go to church regularly and I also attend Toastmasters Club, a nonprofit international educational  organization(more than 3000 members in Taiwan) dedicating to helping men and women improving their communication (public  speaking) skills and leadership. I was elected as the 2001-2002 District Governor(the highest officer in Taiwan ), and earned for Taiwan, “The Top Three International President’s 20+ Award ” among the 77 Districts on earth. Thus, I was paid to attend  the International Convention in Anahem, CA.


In 2002, I visited Rev. (Felix) Liu, Fu-Li, former Tunghai Chaplain, who established  the famous Logos Evangelical  Seminary in California and planted many churches globally. In the same trip, I joined a small 1974 Tughai old-timers gathering attended by Yang Shih-liang; Liu Ken-Ming, Chou Chia-Shing(Physics), Wu Shin Yuang(Physics), David Sha Chi Wen and Peter Chen Chung Bing(my two roommates of 1975 Architect and 1974 Eng.) It was a great gathering!


Time flies so fast! My Tunghai roommates, since sophomore year, are all Christians. Five of us ever gathered in Taipei and sang church songs to the Tunghai brother Chang Chung-Pu (1973 IE) at NTU hospital before he rested in the Lord’s bosom. On Feb 6, 2004, I attended the concert of Tunghai University Choir as they had their reunion for 1968-1976 class at Taipei. They all were very excited to see one another again after so many years. Their excitement seemed lasting for quite a long time as it is a pre-taste for another coming reunion after life.

I am looking forward to meeting you again.

Best regards,

Bing Bing Lin

April 9, 2004


Dear Yang, Shi-Liang; Lan, Wei-Kai, and Ma, Ching-Lin:

I am very glad to hear from you all again. To reply to Ma, Chin-Lin's inquiry, I live at Taipei, home address:

9D-1, #332, Sec. 1, Tung-Hwa S. Rd. Taipei(106)

which locates near the former Jen-Ai Far Eastern Departments Store of the Jen Ai Rd. Circle.





Best regards,

Bing Bing Lin

April 11 (Happy Easter Day! Jesus has risen from the dead. Jesus loves you!)



楊世良Shihliang Yang, Ph.D., MBA  


Dear  Lan, Wei-Kai & Bing Bing:                            



I got your voice message.

I am always in and out of the office, so it is difficult to get hold of me.I have been with the Biomedical Engineering Center of Industrial Technology Research Institutes in HsinChu since 2003. We work on biomaterials, tissue engineering and stem cell research.  I will be in SanFranciso to attend a conference in June.  But I do not feel that I will be able to go there again in August for class reunion.


Bing Bing,

I would suggest that we hold a reunion in Tunghai, Taiwan.  That will Be more meaningful and interesting.  Any comments?




Shihliang Yang   Sat, 10 Apr 2004 21:43:30




藍偉凱 David Lan (Lan Wei-Kai)    


Dear Bing Bing:

It's a great pleasure to receive your e-mail and chat with with you on the phone. It's really a long time.


I am a senior chemist with Congoleum for 10 years and I have served in US floor covering industry more than 20 years. My company due to asbestatus issue files bankruptcy protection this year. And this cloud has hanged over us and whole industry for several years. Especially for past 3 years since 9/11 US economy has been hurt badly, my company is no exception. My position is new product and process development and my current assignment is under patent application. So far I am OK but who knows what may happen tomorrow.   


I have two daughters, Cynthia just graduated last year from Univ.. of Delaware majoring biology and attends Law school of Villanova Univ.. at Philadelphia. Younger one Jennifer is senior student in Univ.. CA at Davis majoring in Economy and International Relation. She is going to take foreign service test to join US State Department this month. They are good girls and I am very proud of them.


This morning I also got a chance talking to Yang Zau Hong. He is working for Philip in China Ho-Nan province for past two years due to Taiwan factory been closed. He will also join us on Aug./21 reunion in San Francisco. Please also provide me Sanyo's ( Yang Shi-Lian ) phone no., I hope we can all meet together again just like good old days.


Following is original information sent to me by Tu Kai-Nien, please forward to many old classmates as you can. 


Thanks again for your hart warming e-mail and look forward to meet you in San Francisco.


Sincerely yours,


David Lan (Lan Wei-Kai)    Wed, 7 Apr 2004 10:11   





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